Ceremonial Void

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Ceremonial Void has been very quiet for a very long time. Reason behind this is because we have been patiently awaiting to receive the music of our next release from Domgård. They have their reasons on why the album is taking so long and I won't disclose them. This release has been delayed for a year now, and it is out of my hands and has no reflection on us as a label.

With that being said, the new Domgård EP WILL still be released when it is ready, and those who have pre-ordered so long ago will STILL get their copies when available. So for what it is worth, apologies to all who are waiting on this.

With that being said...

I am going to put Domgård on the shelf and move on to the next release and when they are ready, we will put it out.

I sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported this label as it is my way of showing appreciation to the underground music I passionately love and support.

Next release: CV03: Black Demon Rites // Motmänniskan